Helpful Instructions from Crewsaver on how to repack your Crewfit Junior 150N Inflatable Lifejacket

● Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
● Options available: Standard automatic inflation with or without integral harness.

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure the Lifejacket continues to be a compact and comfortable fit.
To begin folding, lay out the Lifejacket as shown, with the inflation chamber uppermost.

1. Fold the bottoms, A and B, of the inflation chamber under.

2. Fold lifting becket C up.
3. Fold inflation chamber sides D and E across the front.
4. Fold inflation chamber sides F and G inwards.

5. Fold sides H and I inwards and fasten the velcro strips

6. Fold down top of inflator J

7. Fold down corners L and M and top of inflation chamber K upwards.
8. Fold collar N upwards and fasten the velcro strips.

Ensure manual inflation toggle O is showing



Wear a lifejacket!

Pip says: Lifejackets only work when worn! All children should be encouraged to learn how to put on their Lifejackets or Buoyancy Aids for themselves and experience what they're like to use in the water.

RNLI SeaSafety Guide


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